Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Make better decisions faster with our Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect implementation and support services
You have decided to buy Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and need someone to help you get up and running fast!

Your team need to learn the tool quickly so they can migrate project artifacts into Sparx EA to improve integrity and traceability in your project.

Your enterprise architecture team need to get their meta-model and framework into Sparx EA so they can manage the growing number of artifacts and complexity of the enterprise.

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We are an authorized reseller

We are an authorized reseller of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. We deal with a number of government and large corporate customers that rely on formal procurement processes.

We can install Sparx EA

Local installation, on a database server or in the cloud we help you choose the right installation method for you. Depending on your licensing we setup your key store and get you up and running fast. We discuss your identity and access requirements and configure Sparx EA. We even have application packagers that can help your SOE team package and deploy Sparx EA onto your Corporate SOE.

We can train your staff

So Sparx EA is now installed and you are ready to go. You have had a good look at the tool and know that it is powerful and full of features. But the key to success will be getting your architecture, business analysts and developers using the tool in the most productive way. Get off to a good start with training and support tailored to your team. We offer training that is highly tailored to your specific team needs.

We provide advice on which modelling technologies to use or we can help build you your very own custom modelling technology (MDG).

Sparx EA comes with many modelling technologies such as ArchiMate, DODAF, FEAF, TOGAF and so on. All of these are not required for your organization, so which one is right for your team? If you have not chosen one, we can walk through your needs and recommend a starting point. Alternatively we can help you build your own custom MDG.

Our strategy and architecture team can help guide your use of the tool

We are more than just software installers. Our architects, business analysts and developers are some of the best in the business. We use Sparx EA each day to deliver outstanding work to our clients! We eat our own sandwiches. We can help you in more than just the use of the tool and help your business with methods and process improvement for strategy, planning, implementation and ongoing support.

Here are some clients that we have helped

Implementation & Custom MDG
Implementation, Training, Analysis
Custom MDG
Enterprise Architecture, Framework, Custom MDG, Custom Report Outputs
Enterprise Architecture, Framework, Custom Report Outputs