Modern Intranet

Built on SharePoint Online and Office 365, our Modern Intranet solution has been designed to make the experience about people, increasing employee engagement and collaboration across your organisation.

Why Veritec's Modern Intranet? 

We know your organisation's needs when it comes to a Modern Intranet, check out a few of the key ones below and reach out for a personalised demo today. 

Authoring Experience

Built for you

Our solution leverages the power of Microsoft 365 Search to dynamically generate all navigation items. By dynamically generating the navigation experience, we allow authors to focus solely on the most important aspect of any intranet, and that's content.

Fully Responsive Design

Mobile friendly

Our Modern Intranet looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It enables remote working, giving your employees access to your Intranet, anytime, anywhere.

Corporate Directory

Find your staff, fast

Our Corporate Directory allows you to easily identify people, locations, groups and skills within your organisation using the easy to use search and filtering functions.

Employee Org Chart

Know who is who in your organisation

Our org chart solution provides everyone in your company visibility into all divisions, teams and people, making it simple to learn and collaborate across the entire organisation.

Cloud Performance

Powered by Microsoft

Our intranet has been specifically designed to align with modern cloud architecture, ensuring excellent performance and durability using Microsoft 365 search. The intranet solution is built following Microsoft's best practice guidelines, so customers can be confident the solution is compatible with future releases of the Microsoft 365 platform.

Usage Analytics

Know how your users work

Provide your content administrators with dashboards showing user engagement with your Modern Intranet. Our Modern intranet can also integrate with popular analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Office Map

Find rooms in the office

Quickly find the location of people and assets such as first aid officers, meeting rooms, printers and more within your buildings using our Office Map solution.

Bots Assistants

Automate your work

Help your employees find people and key information across your organisation using our Bot Assistants. Bot Assistants can also be set up to integrate with your Office 365 services such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and more allowing your staff to spend time on the important things.

Powerful Search

Search for anything

Our Modern Intranet experience to powered by a fast and easy to use search experience that reduces the time your employees spend looking for people and information. Our search refiners allow users to narrow the search results by People, content, page, date and more.

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