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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that consolidates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into one application. Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates reliance by government organisations on legacy systems, databases and paper-based approaches to citizen interactions, with the ability to integrate into other applications on the Microsoft platform.

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Advantages of using Cloud

Whilst government agencies are being directed to move to the cloud, there is still much hesitancy. However, there are many benefits to moving to the cloud.

Cloud technology enables government agencies to cost-effectively update their IT infrastructure without heavy investment in new hardware. This is also relevant to ongoing maintenance costs.

Flexibility is key – cloud and Dynamics 365 provide greater flexibility to be able to access devices anywhere.

There is less emphasis on security concerns as cloud technology matures because there are stringent compliance regulations that cloud providers abide by. Government agencies are being provided more secure infrastructure than legacy systems.

Legacy systems are now obsolete as agencies now have a single view of customer, providing a much better experience for the customer when dealing with the Government.

Benefits for the public sector

  • More efficient processes - digitising interactions that are currently taking place in person or on paper — attending a service desk or posting a form. This makes services more convenient for citizens — and reduces the administrative overheads for agencies
  • Increased productivity - automating workflows for back-office operations. This reduces bottlenecks, as well as the need for supervisors to manually check that processes are being followed.
  • Improved identity management -  giving a single view of the customer across service points, simplifying identification.  Because the individual no longer needs to authenticate their identity at every step, it takes less time overall to resolve their enquiry.
  • Improved data reporting and analytics - agencies can interrogate data from several angles with highly flexible, customisable reporting. These reports can combine variables in new ways: you don’t need to have set up an Excel spreadsheet to capture the data in the form you need.
  • Supporting two-way communication -  many agencies still rely on one-way broadcasts channels — emails or letters to citizens. Some agencies are adopting limited online interactivity, such as chatbots.  However, in many cases, these solutions are isolated from other operations. Dynamics 365 allows agencies to analyse and feed those conversations directly into operational planning.

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