Why stop at rent?

Why stop at rent?

There’s a smart, simple way to boost your tenancy rates, and your tenants’ experience. 

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Boost tenancy rates and your tenants' experience, with a Veritec Tenant Engagement Solution



A university student could, for instance, log on at any time to schedule a bike repair, or arrange a food delivery for an upcoming event. An executive in the city could arrange to have her dry cleaning collected, or her car washed in the basement carpark, without leaving her desk.       

Veritec supplies and manages all of the technology on your behalf, and also sources and manages a range of reputable providers. Each provider is selected based on their experience and quality service, as well as their ability to fulfil the particular needs of your tenants.

As well as simplifying life for your tenants, and giving them another reason to choose your building over another, you can also generate additional revenue by charging on a pay-per-use basis.   

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Unlike other tenant engagement solutions, Veritec is powered by real-time data. This means that your tenants get up-to-the-minute information, and you get ongoing statistics about the solution and how it’s working for you. 

Discover the benefits for yourself


Creating loyal, long-term tenants via technology

Find out how Veritec can help you meet your tenants’ needs and deliver more sought-after commercial properties at this upcoming webinar.


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Watch the video to get a quick overview of the Veritec Tenant Engagement Solution and find out how this unique technology can help you optimise your assets. 

The Veritec Tenant Engagement Solution is built on flexible, yet proven technology, including Sitecore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Yammer. It's also underpinned by a secure transaction and payment gateway for seamless eCommerce.