Veritec Azure Kick-Start Pilot Migration

The Pilot Workload Migration is designed for our customers who need to start moving to the cloud but don’t know where to start. Our expert cloud engineers will migrate one workload from your on-premise infrastructure and onto Microsoft Azure.

What is the Pilot Workload Migration?

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Pilot Workload Migration is the third offering in the Veritec Kick-Start program. Our service delivers the migration of a single Cloud-ready workload from your existing data centre to Azure. This migration can be used to demonstrate to your business and technical teams the possibilities of Microsoft Azure for your organisation. Pilot Workload Migration is designed to provide your organisation with the foundation it needs for a successful move to the Cloud.

The service uses multiple methods, tools and techniques to assess your environment and identify a cloud ready service for migration to Azure.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

The benefits of the Veritec Azure Kick-Start Pilot Workload Migration include:

  • Validate performance
  • Understand how internal processes may need to change
  • Gain confidence with the Azure platform
  • Gain experience with the tools and techniques which will empower your team
  • Understand your workloads and how Cloud-ready these are so this can feed into a full migration plan

What does the Pilot Workload Migration cover?

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Pilot Workload Migration is designed to demonstrate the capability and capacity of Azure to our customers this service will guide the customer through:

  • Discovery & Inventory The team will assist your technical staff in installing and running appropriate discovery tools for your environment. The tools will gather information about your existing infrastructure and workloads.
  • Workload Assessment – Veritec will help you interpret the results of the discovery.
  • Identify Cloud-ready Workloads - Our team will identify workloads which are Cloud-ready.
  • Select Pilot Workload – Together we will select an appropriate workload to migrate as a pilot.
  • Plan Migration – A detailed plan of the steps to migrate the workload will be developed.
  • Migrate Pilot Workload – A production ready workload will be showcased to your team.

Contact Veritec today to find out more information about this offer and the other Veritec Kick-Start Program offers we have available.

How do I get started?

Talk to one of our Canberra based Digital Transformation experts about kick-starting your road to the cloud.

Thank you for registering your interest in Veritec’s Azure Kick-Start Pilot Workload Migration, we will be in touch shortly to discuss your access to the program.

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