Veritec Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop

It’s time to get Azure working for you and accelerate your team’s understanding of the Cloud. The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop provides your technical teams with best practice advice and guidance for managing Azure tenants, kick-start your Cloud success today!

What is the Workshop?

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop is the second solution offering in our Azure Kick-Start Program. Designed to help organisations understand and accelerate their transition to the Cloud. Led by the Veritec team of Azure experts, the Fundamentals Workshop assists your organisation’s technical team by providing:

  • Information on tools and best practice for Azure environments;
  • Education on securely and effectively managing your Azure tenants; and
  • Guidance for your organisation to get the best value from your Azure investment.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop assists in educating and informing your technical team in line with Azure best practice. Our hands-on approach pairs our Azure experts with your team to drive technical knowledge transfer, an increased understanding of, and hands-on capability with Microsoft Azure.  Your technical teams walk away with a clear view of the potential of Cloud within your organisation and next steps of how to make it happen.

What does the workshop cover?

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop will assist technical teams in developing the necessary skills and knowledge required to implement their organisation’s cloud adoption strategy. Using a workshop style format, our Azure experts adopt learn while doing approach, allowing technical teams to get hands on with the Azure toolkit and services.

Education and best practice on Azure services including;

  • Azure Tenants; Subscription Management, Pricing and Billing, Azure Policy
  • Identity Management; Identity in Azure Active Directory; Role Based Access and Control.
  • Azure Architecture; Azure Enterprise Scaffold, Resource Groups, Regions, Hyper-scale Regions, Services, Security, Blueprints, Resource SLAs
  • Extending your network into Azure; Express Route, Site-to-Site VPN, High Availability
  • Success and next steps on your Azure Cloud journey; Migration of existing workloads, New workload management, Backup and Recovery

What’s different to the Kick-Start Discovery Service?

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Discovery Service focuses on helping your business leaders identify and shape the organisation’s Cloud strategy, the Veritec Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop gives your team the tools and knowledge to kick-start the plan into action.

How do I get started?

Talk to one of our Canberra based Digital Transformation experts about kick-starting your road to the cloud.

Thank you for registering your interest in Veritec’s Azure Kick-Start Fundamentals Workshop, we will be in touch shortly to discuss your access to the program.

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