Healthcare Goes Local with Veritec: MyHealthyCommunities Website Launc

Client Profile

The National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) is an independent agency that began operations in 2012. They are responsible for reporting on the performance of hospitals and primary health care organisations across Australia.

NHPA provides nationally consistent, locally relevant and comparable information about Australia’s health system to inform consumers, empower clinicians and service providers to drive improvements, and increase transparency and accountability.






Inability to compare regions across a variety of health measures, including visits to out-of-pocket expenses, hospital admissions, specialist waiting times, bulk billing rates and prescription medicine costs.


Design and ongoing support of the MyHealthyCommunities website


  • Delivers on the NHPA’s revised vision for comparative performance statistics for local communities
  • The site that is secure and compliant with government regulations
  • Data-rich online destination for comprehensive outlook on healthcare status of each local community available anytime, anywhere.

The Challenge

To meet its obligations under the National Health Reform Agenda (NHRA), the Performance Authority urgently needed to present an information source that complemented the MyHospitals website. The new site had to hold reports regularly published by the NHPA on established performance metrics for Medicare Locals and local area health networks, adding to the MyHospitals reports on public and private hospitals. It had to demonstrate how local communities fare against the national standard and each other when it comes to health statistics, thus pinpointing opportunities for improvement on a regional level.

To deliver this project, the Performance Authority required a partner that understood the complexity and importance of the website and had the experience of producing high-quality work within short timeframes. On this basis, the NHPA approached its trusted IT partner Veritec. The firm fully met the agency’s requirements and had a proven track record of delivering as promised, evident from the NHPA’s past successful collaboration with Veritec on the MyHospitals website.

The Solution

The team at Veritec was tasked with building a new site that is data-rich, user-friendly, and reminiscent of the design and functionality inherent to the MyHospitals website. The final product had to comply with government regulations, withstand high user loads, and resist security threats. Veritec’s team analysed the criteria and responded with a proactive solution. They designed the MyHealthyCommunities website to be error-free, user-friendly, highly available, and easy-to-manage. The site stores the key healthcare performance data and presents it in a highly accessible web format using the ASP.NET MVC framework for user interface and High charts for interactive data display. Satisfied with the delivered product, the NHPA decided to continue utilising Veritec’s services for ongoing application support, availability and performance monitoring, maintenance and functional website enhancements. The site continues to be upgraded to meet the needs of the user community it serves and to reflect the latest data on health care available.

The Benefits

As a result, a new site was launched that complements the MyHospitals information well and fulfills the need for increased transparency and accountability in the Australian healthcare system. Performance Authority CEO Dr. Diane Watson continues: “MyHealthyCommunities charts Australians’ experiences with health care in a way never before seen in this country, enabling comparisons and local information across a range of measures, including service access, immunisation rates and cost. Our new website allows interactive comparisons across Medicare Local catchments, and is a starting point to inform the public, and to make it easier for health leaders to see where improvements can be most effectively targeted in different parts of Australia. Using our local-level analysis, health leaders can now better target and drive health system improvements specific to their local community’s needs.”