Putting IT to Better Use: Saving Lives With Lifeline Australia

Client Profile

Founded in 1963, Lifeline is a non-profit organisation delivering free, 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services in Australia. Lifeline volunteers provide mental health support and emotional assistance via telephone, face-to-face, and online mediums. This national charity spans across 60 locations with its 40 centers and over 11,000 volunteers. In addition to crisis support and suicide prevention, Lifeline centres perform services tailored specifically to their local communities. These services include financial advice, gambling counseling, youth programs, disability services, rural outreach, and migrant support among many others.






Level 2 Support and Maintenance


Level 2 support and maintenance services of Lifeline’s online web presence with ongoing implementation of content improvements.


Ease of use with improved content management system and 24/7 up time for websites.

The Challenge

With suicide remaining the leading cause of death in Australia (among those aged between 15 and 44), mental health has been a sole focus of volunteers at Lifeline for over half a century. Founded by a man determined to break through isolation and self-destruction of those affected, Lifeline today receives nearly 1,800 calls on a daily basis. Every phone call or chat message to a Lifeline volunteer is a window of opportunity to save a life. With so much at stake, there is no room for error. Malfunctioning applications, broken page links, and web browser incompatibility lead to far greater consequences when on the other side of the exchange is a user overpowered by distress and anxiety.

Determined to improve their online visibility and streamline their communication processes, Lifeline began its search for an digital web partner that understood the importance of the organization’s work and placed a strong emphasis on flawless execution. As a result of this search, Lifeline entrusted Veritec with polishing its online tools and making the charity’s information easy-to-reach for those in need.

The Solution

After studying the project’s requirements, the team at Veritec developed a detailed plan of action to optimize Lifeline’s issue resolution process and bring it up to speed. Veritec has provided the charity’s staff with a comprehensive system that registered technical problems, categorized them by priority, established their resolution timeframes, and showcased progress with updates and status reports. Throughout the engagement, Veritec’s support desk has investigated and resolved Lifeline’s functional issues related to navigation, browser compatibility, and system defects. More complex issues have been dealt with in collaboration with Lifeline’s in-house team and at the client’s discretion. Veritec’s engineers have made themselves fully available to Lifeline staff via phone, email, and on-site presence and have been always there to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Over the course of the project, Veritec has performed the following services:

  • Service delivery management
  • Future work definition and planning
  • Monthly service performance reports (availability statistics, Google rankings, problem resolution success, etc.)
  • Level 2 and 3 Application Support
  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • Risk and incident management
  • Content revisions and publishing (Web, HTML and CSS development, mobile application design and development, information architecture, online payments, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphic design, social media updates and marketing, newsletters and mailing lists, etc.)
  • Regular maintenance of technical and management products
  • Annual testing of disaster recovery plan

As a result of collaboration with Veritec, Lifeline’s online presence has become more visible and accessible and its tools more functional. With more Australians finding the help they seek, today Lifeline can impact more people who battle with anxiety by instilling hope and purpose in their lives.

The Benefits

The work done by Veritec has given Lifeline many benefits to the performance of their website. The site now has consistent performance across all browsers and devices 24/7/365. Content modification and publishing methods have now been streamlined, aided by fully functioning online tools and applications. The site’s user experience has also been improved, leading to greater customer satisfaction.