Building an online services portal for Environment and Energy

Department of the Environment and Energy

The Department of the Environment and Energy are responsible for designing and delivering Government policy and programs aimed to protect and preserve the environment, water and heritage, promote climate action, and provide adequate, reliable and affordable energy. The Department, and its portfolio agencies, administer over 55 pieces of legislation and regulate over 135 forms of authorisations.  


The Department needed an online capability to allow existing and prospective customers apply for various permits, authorisations, make payments and provide an avenue for customers to engage with the Minister or Departmental staff. Additionally, Department staff required technological capability to perform applications assessments, authorisations and compliance reporting based on a single view of a customer.   


Veritec partnered with the Department to identify business process patterns that underpin the end-to-end pathway; from the customer applying for authorisation, to compliance of an issued authorisation, and additionally, provided the online capability and back-end technological support to administer service delivery.   

In response to the changing needs of customers and to improve service delivery for staff and citizens, the Department required service delivery innovation. To ensure the success of the online services portal the Department required a strategic partner to work with them, using an agile approach to deliver services and to provide knowledge and skills transfer to Departmental staff.   

The Department of the Environment and Energy partnered with Veritec to leverage their expertise and knowledge of strategy, architecture and delivery of digital services to the Australian public. Additionally, Veritec has comprehensive experience working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Mulesoft ESB to implement an integration solution for customers and Departmental staff. 

Firstly, Veritec assessed the current state of the Department, including policy, business processes, systems and engaged key stakeholder across the Department. By doing this Veritec worked with various business areas to understand business needs and desired outcomes, and how these aligned with the Department’s ICT strategy and enterprise architecture.  

The delivery of an Online Services solution, along with enhancements and the development of new functionality to the existing Dynamics CRM, were fundamental in achieving the Department’s objectives of increased efficiency, improved data quality for compliance and enhancing service delivery to citizens.  

Veritec assisted the Department to transform their business processes, which previously focused on the management of paper-based applications and the manual record keeping involved, to a more digitally integrated and streamlined approach.   

Currently, Veritec is partnered with the Department as they continue to add digital services, introduce new authorisations, enhanced business processes, and build out ICT capabilities to meet the Department’s and customer needs.   

Key Facts:  

  • 10 different services currently in production with 7,000 transactions logged over 2,000 registered customers. 

  • Processing time for the customer to lodge their application to the department to a key business area has reduced from 3 days to 5 minutes.  

  • Operational savings due to the automation of data entry, document saving and invoice generation.