Migrating the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare websites onto Microsoft Azure

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is the government agency tasked with improving the health and wellbeing of Australians through better information and statistics. The information gathered influences policy development, public discussions and aims to educate Australians on their local hospitals and communities. A key requirement for AIHW is ensuring that this information can be shared and easily understood for all Australians citizens.  

Veritec have worked alongside AIHW since 2010, developing and managing both the MyHospitals.gov.au and MyHealthyCommunities.gov.au websites. These sites deliver the latest public reports with comparison features allowing Australians to compare hospitals and health services across the country.  


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare wanted to modernise their MyHospitals.gov.au and MyHealthyCommunities.gov.au websites. They required the update to provide a reduction in cost associated in hosting and to modernise the backend of both sites to provide deployment efficiencies. 


Veritec worked with AIHW to migrate and modernise their websites to Microsoft Azure, reducing resourcing hours and providing faster deployment times. AIHW websites are now managed centrally in Microsoft Azure with continual enhancements being made effortlessly.   

With modernisation front of mind, AIHW wanted to migrate from a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. Veritec proposed a migration to Azure which would ensure a Microsoft backed 99.99% SLA and host cost savings of approximately 20% by decommissioning existing infrastructure. 

The migration to Azure resulted in only 33 seconds of site downtime for AIHW, with minimal inconvenience to users of the site.

For any proposed solution the ability to continually improve and extend on the reporting capabilities for both sites was required. Moving the sites from infrastructure to platform services on Microsoft Azure provides additional benefits including; streamlined deployments, no patching to worry about and ability to scale at ease. Azures built in monitoring tools also provided a clear picture for the status of the sites in one platform.  

The migration to Azure resulted in only 33 seconds of site downtime for AIHW, with minimal inconvenience to users of the site. The implemented solution removed the complexities of domain controlling and virtual machines that were previously used, saving over six resourcing hours a month. The migration resulted in the decommissioning of 12 virtual servers into four Azure App Services, with additional support provided by Azure Monitoring Services and AD Control Domain Controller.  

Since moving to Azure, the AIHW websites have maintained a 99.99% SLA uptime. The move also resulted in a cost reduction of 38.84% on hosting each month.

Since moving to Azure, the AIHW websites have consistently maintained a 99.99% SLA uptime, easier deployments and quick updates. The cost saving resulted in a 38.84% reduction in hosting each month and an eight-hour reduction in monthly deployment time thanks to the new Azure App Services. The 96 hours of resourcing time reclaimed a year and savings in hosting costs is being used on new feature upgrades and additional reporting capabilities for AIHW. 

AIHW has modernised both websites now operating on Microsoft Azure with deployments managed by Veritec to ensure their requirements are met. AIHW can now focus more time on achieving their purpose by providing information in an easily accessible way to the Australian public.