A self-service sales forecast reporting tool for pharmacies

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia represents and promotes community pharmacies throughout Australia. Established in 1928, the Guild represents a significant number of the 5,700 community pharmacies across Australia. It provides education and training, rural and corporate services, and public health programs to support community pharmacies to ensure quality health outcomes for the Australian public.


The Guild's original sales forecast tool, for pharmacies nationwide was inefficient in creating and distributing accurate reporting. Built for redundancy by 2015 it was time for the Guild to reinvent the process.


Veritec partnered with The Guild to build ScriptMAP 2020, reinventing the original tool into an online portal that automated the data entry, complex equations, and report generation, saving time for the Guild and it's members.

One of the Guild’s key objectives is to provide sales reporting to pharmacies: 66.5% of pharmacy revenue depends on prescription sales, so providing accurate data and forecasting is essential to businesses.

The Guild had a tool designed and built in 2010, ScriptMAP 2015, to collate and report on sales trends from members and forecast future sales. But it required manual data entry to transfer the information into spreadsheets and create reports, making it time-consuming to produce and access.

Veritec partnered with The Guild to turn the original version of ScriptMAP into an online portal that automated the data entry, complex equations, and report generation. The portal took into account volume growth, substitution rates, discounting results, and trading terms, to give a gross margin for pharmacies that’s accurate until 2020. The reports underwent extensive testing by the banks, who certified them as bankable business projections.

ScriptMAP 2020 launched in 2017 and is predicted to assist with forecasting the sales within the $15 billion-dollar Australian pharmaceutical industry. The automated process saves the huge amount of time needed to create the reports, this can now be devoted to supporting and developing new benefits and services for members. Similarly, pharmacies have benefited from the large reduction in waiting times for information thanks to the self-service aspects of the tool.

Veritec continues to provide updates and support to ScriptMAP 2020, ensuring the tool continues to save time and provide value for The Guild and pharmacies across Australia.

Technical Details

  • Custom Microsoft .NET portal hosted in Azure
  • Integrates with Guild’s Microsoft Dynamics based program, GEMM, eWay
  • Secure payments with eWay for subscriptions for access to Scriptmap 2020
  • Active Directory Federations Services (ADFS) for customer authentication