Building a case management future

The Department of Health

The Department of Health is leading and shaping Australia's health system by providing evidence based policy, well targeted programs and best practice regulation. Their goals are to support universal and affordable access to medical, pharmaceutical, and hospital services, and encourage people to stay healthy through promoting health, participation in exercise, and other disease prevention activities.


The Department of Health needed a forward work plan for a cloud-based case management system, that supported the organisational objectives. Having implemented stakeholder engagement, the Department wanted to implement Dynamics 365 to other business units with a strategic and planned approach.


Veritec worked with the Department to establish a set of cloud based environments to develop, test and implement case management solutions. Health's new strategic roadmap provides a clear single view of case management for future implementations of Dynamics 365 across all business units.

Case management is the comprehensive task of understanding and assessing citizen and stakeholders needs and delivering essential services, then monitoring progress and reviewing options. Conducted by the Department, it’s essential that the management of these cases is completed in an accurate and timely manner.

To align with the Department's objective to improve quality, safety, performance and accountability the need to have consistent information available always in a single view of the customer is critical for a successful and efficient case management.

Veritec was engaged by the Department of Health to leverage their Federal Government and Dynamics 365 expertise to develop, test and implement case management solutions in consultation with their staff. Having already implemented stakeholder engagement the Department required an assessment of what other business units would benefit from case management and other Dynamics 365 offerings.

First step was to assess the current technology available, then identify and plan an enhancement approach for short, medium, and long-term opportunities. These included; integration options with other departments, governance decisions, jobs and skills for the Department of Health to sustain CRM development, and recommendations to effectively utilise Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With the roadmap completed, Veritec built cloud environments to test and execute Dynamics 365 solutions for various department business units, including fraud prevention, tobacco control, workplace health and safety, and freedom of information request management.

Working side by side Department of Health staff, the Veritec team conducted interviews with system users to understand various department needs, and ensure the test case management solutions would serve the widest array of current and future needs.

Veritec’s work in assisting the Department of Health moving to the cloud saw a reduction in the operational and infrastructure management costs associated with the case management development and production environments.

As the department continues to expand on their case management capability, they can quickly be deployed and extended support to new business areas and adapt to the organisation’s needs. The result means ensuring an improved customer experience for today and tomorrow.