Defining and implementing CASA’s future End-user Workspace

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority are the government body who regulate all private and commercial aviation in Australia for the 8 million passengers flying into and around the country per month. They’re responsible for all facets of public and private aviation in Australia, including: air operations in Australian territory, operation of Australian aircraft outside Australian territory, creating and enforcing air safety standards, issuing licenses, registrations, certificates and permits, reviewing civil aviation safety, keeping an eye on and implementing international safety developments, and accounting for and regulating technology breakthroughs and updates.


CASA needed to deliver the next generation of the Workspace (desktop) platform to its employees, and saw an opportunity to future-proof its ICT infrastructure, management, and productivity systems.


Veritec produced a comprehensive architecture, design and strategy for CASA’s future ‘End-user Workspace’, ensuring employees of CASA have the technological support to continue with their roles efficiently, from any device and on any platform.

CASA needed to upgrade the fleet of computing devices used by employees, and saw an opportunity to upgrade ICT infrastructure, management, and productivity systems at the same time. Veritec were contracted for the architectural phase of this project, and continued into the design, costing and deployment planning of the technology.

Veritec began the project by reviewing the business requirements and the desired outcomes, then mapped what a modern IT system would look like for CASA. 

The strategy and subsequent development needed to provide for a better user experience by allowing an extended choice of technology to access CASA systems anywhere and at any time. It required defining the current user computing environment and defining the future state with a seven to ten year horizon. It also had to define how to make applications and information delivery more effective whilst mitigating risks associated with the decommissioning of their legacy systems.

Veritec began the project by reviewing the business requirements and the desired outcomes, then mapped what a modern IT system would look like for CASA. Within the CASA IT strategy Veritec assessed the technical requirements around the End-user Workspace, and delivered a future state architecture for the systems.

Components reviewed included CASA’s security requirements, Active Directory, SCCM, MDM, Citrix delivery of applications and Cloud enablement solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Whilst undertaking a gap analysis of CASA’s security requirements, Veritec developed a revised and modern security architecture approach to underpin the future state end user workspace.

Throughout the project Veritec worked closely with CASA executives and key stakeholders to ensure the strategy achieved the relevant buy-in and endorsement to enable a successful implementation in the future. Including: 

  • A detailed build design for each of the associated technologies
  • A costing for each of the components
  • A build schedule for each of the technologies
  • A suggested implementation sequence

Technical Details

Services used included:

  • Architectural assessment and design
  • Implementation design and costs
  • Compliance assessment of the proposed solution
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Exchange 2016
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud services
  • Azure AD integration with ADFS
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Windows 10