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Veritec is the trusted partner for transformation in the Australian public sector. As a Microsoft Gold partner with over 120 specialists, we are the only Canberra based FastTrack for Azure partner, with significant experience in assisting government organisations to move successfully to the cloud. Having over 200 engagements in government over the last two years, Veritec helps government organisations optimise operations, empower employees, drive innovation and deliver value to their citizens with improved services through Microsoft technologies. Veritec partners with your organisation to successfully achieve your digital transformation. 

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Azure Australia Central Regions

With the launch of Microsoft’s Azure Australia Central Regions in Canberra, highly-regulated organisations can confidently deploy their mission-critical workloads to the cloud. These new regions are designed to support both unclassified and protected data. They also deliver unprecedented levels of security, resilience, colocation flexibility, and connectivity via the specialised intra governmental communications network (ICON).

Key benefits for your organisation or agency include:

  • Speed to market: save time and money by leveraging Azure services to design, test and deploy new apps, with the continuity to deploy wherever and whenever you need to.

  • Faster, better decisions: unlock your data by utilising proprietary or open source data analytics tools to unlock insights.

  • Flexible ways of working: Azure supports a range of open source and proprietary development languages, platforms and databases, including Linux, Apache and MySQL, so you can use the tools and frameworks best suited to your needs.

  • Compliance: manage unclassified and protected data securely from the majority Australian-owned Canberra Data Centres.

  • Resilience: ensure high availability and disaster resilience from the only global cloud in multiple Australian regions.

  • Hybrid flexibility: modernise your apps on your terms, with the option to co-locate your mission critical systems within the same datacentre.

  • Connectivity: reduce network costs and improve performance by connecting via the government’s Intra Government Communications Network (ICON).

Check out our Azure offerings below:

The Veritec Azure Kick-Start Program

Kick-start your move into the new Azure Central Regions with the Veritec Azure Kick-Start Program. 

Veritec Azure Services

Let our team of Azure experts assist your organisation on it's digital transformation journey through our full Azure Services suite. 

Azure Migrations

Migration and Modernisation Factory consisting of a full discovery of your environment, planning, and migration of your servers, applications, and workloads to Microsoft Azure. This service may also include support on Azure Enterprise planning, Governance and Policy frameworks, and Azure Infrastructure services designs.

Azure Governance

Develop a clear roadmap and approach to your Azure cloud journey; including readiness assessment and procurement of the services through to setup and configuration and ongoing management of your Azure Services.

Data Migrations - SQL

Migrate your SQL Applications and workloads into Azure. This can include the secure transfer, re-platforming of the data and enable replication services to bridge the gap and increase performance in a hybrid cloud model.

Data Migrations - Backup

The Veritec Azure Data Migration Service will migration your Data from on-premises or another cloud provider to Azure. Our experienced Cloud engineers will migrate data from your file systems and Backup and recovery services into the Azure.

Azure Modernisation

Modernising Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure has never been easier. Veritec are experts in modernising your workloads to PaaS, microservices, serverless compute, containers, and SaaS to take advantage of Azure Hyperscale services.

Modern Application Development

Utilise the tools and techniques to create Cloud-Native applications. Our experienced Development team will assist with defining, designing, and building modern applications to solve your most daunting software needs.

Microsoft FastTrack Azure Partner Services

Move to the cloud with confidence. Veritec is the only Canberra based Microsoft FastTrack for Azure Partner, focused primarily on Government. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your transition to the cloud is done successfully and managed correctly. 

Develop and Test

Azure Backup and Archive

Disaster Recovery

Database Migration

Data Warehouse

App Lift and Shift

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